Naina Dutta

Naina Dutta (Founder & CEO, Digital Revolution)

An excellent package of a digital marketing expert, an extremely hard worker and a passionate female entrepreneur with immense zeal toward the path of creating a better world, Naina Dutta is ranked among the top women entrepreneurs in the country when it comes to the arena of Digital Marketing. The zeal for bringing a change in the stream of advertising made Miss. Naina Dutta pave her way into the world of Digital Marketing and this resulted in the birth of a new and one of the top-ranked Digital Marketing Agencies in India, Digital Revolution.
The path toward finding your own agency is never a cakewalk. Especially on the part of women entrepreneurs. The same was the story with Miss. Naina Dutta. With no family background in Digital Marketing, this Revolutionizing Entrepreneur made sure that she breaks all the stereotype barriers and thus went on to live the dream of her life, starting an agency of her dreams!
The CEO of Digital Revolution is such a determined woman entrepreneur that she has always been able to keep her duties and responsibilities ahead of her personal commitments. The secret behind this immense enthusiasm has been the crystal clear aim of taking the country to new heights by bringing change through the means of creation of employment and setting higher barriers for all the competitors out there in the stream of Digital Marketing.
This aim to bring the wave of newer change, a change to craft a better future for the country along with the zeal to take the country to newer heights has been noteworthy on the part of the young and aspiring entrepreneurs. Miss. Naina Dutta is not only an in-house inspiration to all the employees associated with Digital Revolution out there but also on the part of her competitors who try hard to match the charisma in order to create the magic that this strong women entrepreneur has been creating.
The employees at Digital Revolution tend to work with immense passion as their CEO never fails to inspire them to give out their best. Such has been the aura of Miss. Naina Dutta that the CEO is always present for the rescue of her employees in terms of their tasks whenever required. Basically based out of Pune city of India, Miss. Naina Dutta has not only been an impactful entrepreneur but also has been wearing the shoes of a Motivational Speaker. The Entrepreneur, through her arrow-pointing words, has been able to bring a new light of hope to the lives of many women.
Miss. Naina Dutta is a firm believer in gender equality and thus has been employing both, men and women at Digital Revolution. The only criteria to gain entry into the workplace at Digital Revolution have been the talent and the passion for bringing a wave of change in society through the means of Digital Marketing. And thus, it could be observed at Digital Revolution that there is always a scope for a healthy argument when it comes to working.
Also, it has been noted that the growth of the Digital Revolution since its beginning which took place in the year 2021 has been at a tremendous rate. The secret to this immense and fast-paced growth has been the culture that the Captain of the Ship is been able to maintain. Miss. Naina Dutta has made it absolutely clear that there happens to be merit based upon the talent among the employees neither than on gender and various other factors of favouritism. And this culture that the Boss of Digital Revolution has inherited is been maintained by the employees at an equal rate.
The impact of such a powerful aura on Miss. Naina Dutta is even been seen among the clients of Digital Revolution. It has been noted that the company of Digital Marketing has been able to serve thousands of clients in a span of just over a year. The one most crucial factor of the Digital Revolution has been that the majority of the clients have been through the means of reference from the existing clients. And the major reason for this unique feature is that the team headed by its impactful CEO makes sure that every client is been treated with immense respect and has an equal amount of priority irrespective of the budget they dedicate to their digital form of advertisement. This culture at Digital Revolution headed by its CEO has given a mark of respect among the clients and thus has been the growing number of referrals on the part of the company. A unique feature which is hardly found among the other companies related to digital marketing. This quality of Miss. Naina Dutta has brought her immense respect among the clients of Digital Revolution and has been resulting in the ever-growth of the client base.
Not only a workaholic personality but Miss. Naina Dutta, the CEO also happens to be a party entertainer. The walls and roof of Digital Revolution always witness celebrations at regular intervals. Be it any festival or the birthday of any staff member, the CEO of the company never misses to enjoy the moment with immense spark. This quality of the CEO makes Miss. Naina Dutta ranks the highest among the inspirations to look for as stated by the employees of Digital Revolution.
Being a women entrepreneur is a difficult and never-ending task. Being a woman, itself is being a responsibility. A woman serving for the betterment of society and the country through the means of business also serves for the betterment of her family without comprising about it. The same story goes with Miss. Naina Dutta paves immense importance to her business but at the same time makes sure that she never compromises the responsibilities pertaining to her family. Thus, these qualities of Miss. Naina Dutta makes her an irreplaceable entrepreneur, a responsible and a representation of every strong woman of our Country in the modern era!

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