Why you should consider Buying a Property in its ‘Pre-Launch’

When it comes to buying a property there exists always an option of pre-launch purchase. Most of the buyers discard this offer and thus end up purchasing the property post its launch. But, it should be considered that there exist many offers that can help in benefitting the buyer if the property is purchased in its pre-launch period. This fact often goes unnoticed as the majority of the potential buyers remain unaware of this fact. Thus, it is important on your part to know the hidden facts of the advantages that you can avail of if you consider buying the property in its pre-launch period. In this blog, we will understand some of the hidden but most essential advantages of buying the property before its launch.”You will be availed of the proper at a cheaper price!” Yes, this is one of the most prominent advantages of buying the property before it is launched. You will find the properties to be at a lesser cost during the period of pre-launch in comparison to the rates in its post-launch period. The properties tend to be cheaper by 10-25% during their period of pre-launching. This is to attract the customers and make sure that the builder of the property is with an adequate amount of money even before the lunch of the property. Thus, if you find the investment to be safe and attractive then it is advised to look for properties when they are in the period of pre-launching.One of the major advantages of purchasing the property even before its launch is that you will get the liberty to select the geography of your choice. This choice gets limited during the period of post-launch as a majority of the buyers get it booked at the earliest and some during the period of pre-launch. Thus, there comes a point where you will be left to settle with a limited number of choices concerning geography. To avoid this factor, it is always suggested to book your property in its pre-launch stage. Property purchased before its official launch is always considered a low-cost investment. The property once it gets ready to occupy will witness a price rise of 10-30%. Thus, purchasing a property during its initial stages will act as an investment on your part and thus pave your way in proving it to be a profitable investment. To avoid a grave hole in your pocket it should always be considered in buying the property during its initial stages. Yes, this is one of the hidden but the most important factors of purchasing the property in its pre-launch stage. During the phase of construction, your property will still be raw and not completely developed. Thus, you will find the room to customize your purchased property as per your choice. 

With the availability of construction workers on the site and being a half-built property, you can advise the customization as per your choice. Whereas this scenario becomes impossible in the post-launch stage.  Thus, on the back of these benefits, it is always advisable to consider purchasing the properties that are in their pre-launch stages. But before making a purchase it is always to look at the reputation of the developer and based on his/her work records it is advised to decide about the buying of a pre-launched property.

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